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Our award-winning products are based on Blue Zones, areas where men & women live well into their 90’s & beyond. Our products are designed to bring restoration of health by fueling your body with the most powerful superfoods on the planet.

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Skincare ○ Anti-Aging ○ Immune System ○ Weight Loss ○ Workout ○ Pets



Promotes/supports sound sleep.

Promotes and maintains a stable mood.

Helps with mild memory problems associated with aging.



Helps maintain healthy blood sugar regulation.

Promotes and supports healthy digestion.

Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals which, in turn, reduces the incidence of cellular degeneration.

Helps maintain healthy Intestinal Flora.

Use as part of your diet to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level.


Joint discomfort associated with overuse or over-exertion

Helps reduce muscle pain following exercise or over-exertion.

Maintains bone health.


Heart &
Cardio Support

Supports optimal cardiovascular health.

Supports a healthy immune system and maintains healthy lung function.

Helps maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.

Helps maintain/promote healthy blood pressure levels.


Health Support

Helps promote Urinary Tract health.

Helps with monthly cramps and water retention.



Wellness Driven beauty & skincare

All-Natural anti-aging

Improves fine lines & wrinkles

Instantly adds radiance

Soothes skin blemishes

Health Benefits

Perfect Superfood


A wellness combination like none other, we’ve taken the world’s two most perfect superfoods, Mother’s Milk from the Land, colostrum, and Mother’s Milk from the Sea, fucoidan to look and feel your best from the inside, out.

Gifts from the Sea

Gifts from
the Sea

There are 70+ vital nutrients found in Laminaria Japonica, Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin. They support healthy gut and digestion function, healthy blood pressure levels and address other unbalanced chemical issues in the body.

Anti-Aging Benefits


The whole food HGH family found in colostrum has been shown to have a major impact on keeping you youthful and promotes less wrinkles, firmer skin, fuller hair, and stronger nails.

Healthy Immune Function

Healthy Immune

Encourage positive activity in the lymphatic and circulatory systems with colostrum. A balanced immune system is better able to defend itself against flus, colds, and allergies.

Brain & Cognitive Function

Brain & Cognitive

LimuZ6 promotes better memory, better focus by overcoming brain fog to provide absolute mental clarity.

Recovery & Relief

Recovery &

Supports the body’s inflammatory mechanisms for enhanced relief and helps minimize discomfort associated with activity and joint aging.

Weight & Fat Burning

Weight &
Fat Burning

Helps suppress appetite and lead to bodyweight reduction by encouraging the “leptin factor,” that suppresses appetite and leads to bodyweight reduction.

Better Sleep & Focus

Better Sleep
& Focus

LimuZ6 promotes optimal cellular function, which boosts mental & physical energy.

Build Lean Muscle

Build Lean

Adaptogens in colostrum promote lean muscle for men and toned muscle for women. Growth factors drop off as we age, keep them at youthful levels with LimuZ that provides necessary growth factors to regenerate.

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